Final post woo!

I ended up changing the v so that it was the only letter that connected backwards. I am really happy with how the typeface came out. I think that it comes across as a little chilly but also fun and interesting. The 3 applications I chose were the banner, hat and mug. I see the hat and mug as items to be purchased throughout the event. I could also see workers all just having the hat as well since it is quite cold in winter Minnesota. I think the banner would also be a great way to advertise the event to the street walkers of Saint Paul.

This project definitely required a lot of patience and slight alterations to the letter forms until they worked well enough together. That being said, I had a lot of fun creating a typeface that I can relate to.


critique reflection

I was really happy with how the critique went. I thought that my typeface came across really well and was happy with a lot of the feedback I received. My concern with the v was the biggest things that was addressed. I was told that it could work for it to connect opposite of the other characters and just be a unique character. I am going to spend some more time experimenting with the letter before the final submission.

Digitized version 2

wintercarnival1 copy-21This is the second version of the text face digitally rendered. I worked a lot on making sure the curves on the a, u, w, n, and r matches better as well as the connectors on the l and t. I also worked to making the spacing smoother and better functioning. The only thing I am a little nervous about is the v. It’s different than a lot of the other letters, but I don’t want it to get confused with the u.

Digitizing the typeface

These were my first iterations on the computer. A lot of it was just straight tracing. I still have a ways to go to match a lot of the angles and styles throughout the type faces. I think I am planning on sticking with the script typefaces instead of the other one. I like the character it has and how it relates to the event. I am going to work more on how each letter connects to one another.

Final Reflection

I am really happy with how my final project came together. This project challenged me both with setting the type to express Bauhaus and the construction of the book. I worked really hard to allow the type to be free of the graphic elements and hold more power in the layouts. I wanted it to be more integrated into the design and move according to its own constructs.

I am also really happy with how the separation of information workout. I think each part of the book could stand alone, but the binding brings it together to keep the reader engaged. Since Bauhaus is about different types of education I thought it was really important to display the information in a variety of ways.

This book taught me a lot of about displaying information based on the text and using text as graphic elements. I really enjoyed working with the simplicity of color as well. It was a nice constraint. In this area I thought a lot about paper use. I knew I definitely did not want to use white paper and I’m really happy with how it worked out. I ended up using a slightly different paper weight for each portion of the book. I wanted to do this to help symbolize not only the different sections, but different styles, similar to Bauhaus’ perspective of different areas of teaching craft.

After the critique I ended up enlarging the accordion book, but keeping the rest of the elements the same size. I want them to feel more like additions to the book and almost novelty like rather than barely fitting inside the book.

Overall, I think the composition works well and I know I learned a lot. This project was one of my best as far as time management for the semester and I am really proud of the as well.

Critique Reflection

I was really happy with how the critique went I feel like my concept was fleshed out really well and had a good response. The biggest comment I got was that my graphic elements were over powering the composition and to follow the type. I am planning on spending some time figuring how to change the power from the graphic elects to the type. I think the potential is definitely there I just need to take the time to see how the type can express the emotion I am looking for rather than the graphics.

I am also planning on changing how the waterfall works. I was thinking of using elastic, but then someone suggested simply making a cut in the waterfall and the background to that they can latch together. I really like the simplicity of this and I think I will use it.

Otherwise, I’m feeling really good about where I am with this project!